Using more technology in the construction industry means that more professionals are performing office duties on the fly. For safety inspectors, project managers, estimators and every other team member using a mobile office, one important piece of equipment is a portable printer. Here are the top 5 mobile printers to keep you working smoothly from one site to the next.

1. HP OfficeJet 250:

With backpack-size dimensions and a 6 pound weight class, this affordable printer manufactured by Hewlett Packard is packed with features. In addition to standard printing capabilities in black-and-white or color for documents and images, this printer also scans and faxes. Battery life can produce as many as 500 prints. Auto-feed has a 50-sheet capacity for letter or legal sized paper. With option for an XL ink cartridge, users can enjoy uninterrupted productivity through as many as 600 printed pages. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities make it easy to print on-the-go with any smart device or laptop. The printer is compatible with Android and Apple systems.

2. Canon PIXMA iP110:

This one has long been the standard for mobile printing technology. First introduced in 2010, today’s model features more capabilities than earlier versions but with the same durability. It weighs less than 5 pounds and its longest dimension is only 12.7 inches. It prints photos as well as documents. The back-up battery is a little powerhouse, capable of producing nearly 300 more prints. It has wireless capability and can direct print with Apple devices. It also features connectivity to the cloud.

3. Canon IP2820:

Once again, Canon is producing the ultimate portable printing solutions. This model is a few ounces heftier and about 4 inches bulkier on it’s longest measurement than its counterpart of #2 but neither of those factors affects its portability. When used with Canon cameras, it has a sync capability allowing stills to be captured and printed from video. It also comes with movie print software for truly professional quality photo printing results. It can also hold 10 more sheets of paper in the auto-feeder than #2. This printer is also a fast worker, churning out 8 black-and-white pages or 4 full-color pages per minute. The down-side which lands this one a #3 spot is that it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. Users have to link smart devices via USB connection.

4. HP DeskJet 3755:

This compact printer may be what you’re looking for if economy matters. Barely 5 pounds, the smaller size does come at the sacrifice of some of the features found on the HP mobile printer mentioned in #1. What it does offer are Wi-Fi connectivity with smart devices and laptops and a re-print app that can enable a direct connection between a device and printer should a Wi-Fi signal be absent. Despite its lack of features this printer continues to be popular. That may be due to greater economy for ink costs as compared to other portable printers.

5. Primera Trio:

If space is at a premium for your mobile office, this ultra-compact printer may be the perfect solution. Less than 3 pounds and with its longest dimension scantly more than 11 inches, it is reputed to be the smallest and lightest portable printer in the world. But can it deliver? It can print, scan and copy documents. Back-up battery packs enough life to create 350 more prints. The one thing users sacrifice for this tiny printer is print speed. It prints about 3 prints per minute. Copy time is even slower. It also doesn’t support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options so users are required to connect their devices with a USB.

New printer technology is responding to demand for meeting mobile office needs. Make the most of the capabilities of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Add a mobile printer to your work vehicle and you may never sit in an office chair again! If you’re unsure of which portable printer is right for you, just ask a technology expert.