December 2018

15 Ways Field Services Can Build (not Break) Your Customer Relationships

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Your field service team spends most of their time on the front line with your customers where there is always an opportunity to build or break customer relationships. Happy customers become loyal customers which, in [...]

September 2018

Improving Profits on Construction Contracts

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Improving Profits on Construction Contracts Construction firms are always looking for ways to cut costs while delivering value and improving profits. However, in a competitive market, this is no easy task. Fortunately, there are many [...]

August 2018

Why Training Employees is a Great Investment

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Training is a difficult issue for employers. It is an expense and also takes away from valuable work hours. It is hard to know if the training will stick with employees or if they will [...]

Improving Construction Project Profits By Understanding the Weather

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When it comes to an outdoor construction project (ie: most projects) nothing matters more than the weather. Yes, you need a rock-solid contract, a cooperative client, and fine-tuned asset tracking. You need an accurate invoicing [...]

Why Cloud Based Construction Accounting Software Solutions Are on the Rise

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The construction industry is known for being much slower than most business spaces to adopt new technology. And it's for a good reason: quickly changing standards in trendy directions can and often does lead to [...]

July 2018

The Top Five Tips to Improve Profits on Construction Contracts

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All businesses look for ways to improve their year-over-year earnings. For the construction industry, though, it's especially prudent to have a consistent plan in place to keep costs low at all times. The construction space [...]