Cost certainty is the most important challenge of construction estimating. To make accuracy even more challenging is having multiple bids to calculate. New technologies are proving to be effective solutions, tackling these challenges and ensuring greater success for the contractors who employ them. To meet the demands of more complex and technical projects in today’s building environment, the latest innovations in software, online service platforms, and mobile apps are being leveraged by successful contractors. Estimating solutions, like Sage, are game changers for even a small company.


This is the most preferred estimating software across North America’s construction industry. With a strong reputation for accuracy and precision, it saves valuable time and is proven to increase a contractor’s awarded bids. An adaptable solution means that the software will grow with your company. These are the features that enhance its pre-built database:

  • Spreadsheet user interface makes it easy to master learning the software
  • Take-off options of single items or entire construction system
  • Reliable, rapid calculations
  • Detailed sorting through built-in coding system that can be customized
  • Fine tuning to maximize profit potential
  • Easy integration with other modules like: job-cost accounting, purchasing, etc., allowing the solution to grow with a company’s needs
  • Optional applications available: project scheduling, procurement, electronic takeoff, etc.
  • Presentation quality estimate report
  • Security feature to enable read-only access for designated users

Is Sage Right For You?

Is widespread popularity reason enough to invest in this estimating solution? How does a contractor know that Sage is the right choice for their company’s application? Asking the following questions may help a contractor determine which estimating tools are the right fit:

  • How much time is required to get the system operational?
  • How much training is necessary to master the program?
  • Is training offered by the provider or is a contractor on their own, equipped with a user guide?
  • Is on-going support available from the software provider?
  • Is the database already useful or will it need to be built by the user?
  • What enhancements are available to add-on at a later time?

The Sage Advantage:

Even though estimating differs among various trades and industries, there are principles in the estimating process that remain the same. By focusing on the commonalities, Sage has produced an estimating solution that is reliable yet versatile. The system offers more than just the basics of proficient calculation of applied data. By also providing a polished bid summary, accurate estimates are instantly converted into winning bids.

Accuracy, however, is always the predominant question in the estimator’s mind. What makes Sage superior to other options? The answer lies in its pre-built database that can be customized. An extensive database of materials, labor units, price codes, assembly details and much more not only creates greater accuracy but improves takeoff expediency.

Sage’s strong database foundation is further enhanced with built-in versatility. As a company grows, it is easy to plug-in enhancement modules designed to incorporate elements like vendor data, procurement procedures, project scheduling. In other words, Sage can evolve from just an estimating solution to managing the launch of a project.

The Future Is Here:

If your construction firm has been putting off investing in the latest technology for creating estimates, it’s time to accept that the days of hand-calculating have passed you by. The future is here for processing estimates and it is wrapped up in technology. Today’s innovations streamline the process of gathering data. Number crunching is accurate and reliable. Detailed reporting is efficient, expediting the entire process of bidding. Companies that are moving forward, using new estimating solutions, are seeing gains with more estimates converting into viable projects.

If your construction firm is ready to excel further with the best estimating technology available, consult with construction IT professionals. They are the most valuable source for innovative solutions, meeting the needs of real estate, construction, and contractors across the globe.