Sage 100 Contractor on the go

Construction Software for Your iPad or Mobile Device


CFO on the go recognized that Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) would be even more useful if builders could access and update project information while away from the office. Dennis Feidner, founder and CEO, notes, “Keeping schedules on track and managing project costs are just a few of the things that become more difficult when you’re out in the field and your construction management software is trapped on a computer back in the office. We wanted to provide an easy, affordable way to connect with the system remotely using any mobile device.”


That’s when Feidner and his team launched Sage 100 Contractor on the go, delivering construction software from the cloud as a touch‐screen application for the iPad. “Whether you’re on the job site or working remotely, you have access to job cost reports, change orders, schedules, and everything else right from your iPad … with all the same features and functions as Sage 100 Contractor running on a PC.”


Feidner runs down the list of advantages that a cloud solution offers, starting with the cost of a traditional onsite implementation. “Right out the gate, you avoid spending $12,000 to $15,000 on a new server just to run the software in-house. With hosted access, the number of connected devices determines your monthly cost which can be as low as $49 per user.”

Sage 100 Contractor on the go also helps expedite projects. “Let’s say change orders are piling up and slowing the project down,” says Feidner. “You can sit down with the customer onsite, pull up Sage 100 Contractor on your iPad, review project changes, and get their approval all in one sitting. You’re cutting critical time off a process that might have taken weeks to resolve otherwise.”

Sage 100 Contractor on the go also features data backups that run automatically overnight. Feidner notes, “When you’ve got a thousand things to keep track of, backing up your database isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Now, you don’t have to worry about it.” And with software in the cloud, it doesn’t matter what device is running on the other end of the web connection which means Sage 100 Contractor on the go runs beautifully on a Mac – a first for construction software. Contact Us to learn more or watch this short video to see Sage 100 Contractor on the go in action!