Are you a contractor interested in the latest technology trends in the construction industry? Before you select a software solution, consider how compatible its features are with mobile devices. Think about it, how much of a contractor’s job is on-the-go? From creating an initial estimate to putting the final touches on a completed project, much of what is involved takes place away from the office. Any technology solution that can’t be easily used on-the-go is really no solution at all.

Project Management

For the contractor on the go, Sage 100 Contractor is the best mobile device solution. Here’s what it can do through a tablet or smartphone:

  • Manage work schedules
  • Manage and track costs
  • Access job cost reports
  • Change orders
  • Automatic data backups
  • Cloud access reliability

Property Management

Staying on top of the demands of real estate management is dominated by documentation. But a developer or property manager who is stuck in the office becomes quickly out of touch with what is going on with their most valuable assets. It is important to stay in the field in order to make the best decisions. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate solution has the perfect mobile applications to manage a mobile office:

  • Mobile accounts payable
  • Manage subcontractor issues
  • Manage change orders
  • Track budgeting and actual costs
  • Schedule events
  • Manage receivables
  • Complete client database
  • Track all accounting data
  • Automated payroll processing

Worth The Investment

The practical payoff in the field of the best mobile applications becomes invaluable. By being able to use a mobile device to tap into a home office’s system, all the critical data of a project is just a tap away. Instead of gathering information at the job site and then returning to the office to draft a change order, the entire process is streamlined. Change orders can be processed immediately in the field. This saves valuable time which translates into saving money, improving client relations and gaining a stronger business reputation.

As Real As It Gets

When it comes to improving accuracy and efficiency, having the most current data available in the field, in real time, is as real as it gets. Mobile technology is changing the face of the construction industry. Jobsite foremans, project managers, and laborers are all enjoying the benefits and advantages of mobile data solutions. Efficient data-tracking results in better responsiveness for effecting change that keeps a project running more efficiently.

Keeping Everyone In The Loop

Keeping updates documented and time-relevant is no longer a challenge for contractors on the go. And updates can be created in a variety of ways to suit everyone’s preference. Uploading photos, using memo and note features are all quick and easy ways to document the latest information for a project. Sharing updates with clients, vendors, and staff is as simple as tapping the screen. Using features like keyword notification can make the process of data-sharing even more efficient. Everyone on the look-out for that particular aspect of a project is instantly notified.

Managing Resources

Work crews and the materials used are the most important resources for any construction job. Yet managing and organizing these resources are two of the greatest challenges for contractors. Ineffective practices can cause problems like costly delays or shortages of building materials. Mobile apps are highly responsive and functional, making it easier to engage better management practices. By tracking man-hours, orders and material usage, it is much easier for contractors to be prepared for what lies ahead.

For Every Contractor

For technologically challenged contractors, there is no reason to hesitate. Get the advantage of mobile technology that will help your business succeed. Start with a free demonstration of what mobile Sage applications can do. Trust professional Sage consultants to guide you through a training program with an incredibly short learning curve. Start out with the basics. As your skill and business needs grow, it’s easy for Sage to grow with you. Just select the modules that will serve you best.