If you are looking for an estimating solution that provides the latest technology edge in the construction industry, there are certain features that set one software solution apart from the rest. Features most choices have in common are automated calculations that are precise, accurate and time-saving. But if you want to equip your estimators with the current leader in the estimating software industry, here are the features to look for:


To calculate at turbo-speed, estimators need a cost database analysis that is trade-specific. How this benefits the estimating process and, ultimately a proposal, is all in its lightning speed of accurate calculation. By utilizing a pre-built database many costs are already pre-determined. This means information is faster flowing because redundant data automatically populates. This helps to prevent costly errors of omission or data entry error and may also get your proposal before the eyes of a customer ahead of every other competitor.

Adaptability For Possibility:

If your estimating software doesn’t have the ability to conceptualize a possibility, you don’t have the smartest technology working for you. Most estimating software will provide calculations based on the data entered. Smarter software will take into account what can happen if situation A or B happens. Adaptability for possibility makes for a proposal that is more savvy than competitors.

Angle Options:

This is not describing an architectural feature of a computer program. Angle options refer to a feature that allows for estimate review from a variety of perspectives. To truly have the latest state-of-the-art estimating software, look for the capability to customize estimates so that you can laser-focus on a specific cost-related element and review the proposal from that perspective. For example, if you have a project that has a priority with use of renewable resources, an estimate can focus a review from that perspective.

Profit Analysis:

A company is in business to stay in business. That requires generating a profit. And the more profitable a project is, the better. The smartest estimating software available enables profit analysis that defines the potential for highest gain down to the finest details.

Plug In:

Are you interested in integrating an estimating module with other job planning software modules? If you appreciate the efficiency and greater planning accuracy of sharing as much data as possible then look for that plug-in ability for estimating software. Choose a technology solution that can integrate data from procurement details and/or scheduling applications.


If your current estimating software solution simply generates the final numbers and cost analysis, then you have a stone-age solution. Today’s technology takes the estimating process one more step down the road, using the data to create presentation-quality reports. This is an edge that can communicate to a potential client that your company is polished, professional and a cut above the competition.


Protecting the data contained within bids is important to remain competitive. Estimates are, in essence, sensitive data that a company wants to keep private between team members who need access and prospective clients. The best estimating solution will have security features that can be customized to limit or enable access as needed.


If a software company truly stands behind its product, it will most likely offer a free demonstration. When shopping around for your next estimating program upgrade, don’t just opt for an affordable solution based on a read-only introduction basis. Put your trust in a solution a company puts its trust in, knowing that once you try it you will buy it. They are so confident, they don’t mind promoting a free trial of their product.

Support Services:

When a consumer buys anything straight off the shelf, chances are you pay less. However, that savings often comes at the sacrifice of support services. The best software providers not only have excellent support services for the users of its products, but also makes training available. If your software provider is not interested in helping your staff learn how to make the most of the purchased product, you need a different estimating technology solution.

For more information on estimating technology, just ask the construction industry leaders in digital data innovation. With more than 15 years of sound service in software solutions, your next estimating software upgrade is just a click away.