If project profitability is being hampered by poor productivity, the solution to the problem may be found in the latest technology trends in the construction industry. For the last two decades the industry in the U.S. has reported an annual growth of about 1%. Compare that to the rest of the globe and you will discover that the nation is lagging behind about 30%. The reason for this stagnation could be attributed to American contractors being stuck in a time warp. If the industry wants to remain competitive with the rest of the world, and meet the demands that are growing for new housing and infrastructure projects, contractors need to muster the courage to travel through an industry wormhole and grab hold of the latest innovations that will improve their productivity.

What Are We Talking About?

It’s easy to toss around the words “low productivity“. But what exactly does that mean? It’s a worthless phrase if there are no quantifiers to indicate why. Without the “why’s” there can be no fix, no means to address specific causes and hope to eliminate the unwanted result of “low productivity“. According to analysts, these are the main contributing factors to low productivity in the U.S. based construction industry:

  • Disputes
  • Revisions that affect project cost
  • Complex regulations
  • Delays

So Many Problems, So Many Solutions, Right?

You may scratch your head and wonder how you are going to solve these key issues. No need for angst. A 4-pronged solution is NOT necessary. You see, there is a single common thread related to these problems that are consistently arising: under-investment in the latest technology. Software developers have been steps ahead of construction companies for years. While the industry has been plodding along in its time warp, doing the same old thing, having the same old problems, and grumbling the same old complaints, software developers have been soaking in the headlines, examining the data and creating software solutions that resolve every, single one of these problems. All a contractor need do is step through the worm hole and come out on the other side where modern solutions await your application.

Why Are You Hesitating?

Do you think your outfit is too small and can’t afford such an investment? Are you simply stubborn when it comes to sweeping out the old and embracing the new? There’s good news if either is your reason for not moving forward with the latest technological advances.

  • Size & $$: The lag time between the industry recognizing it is behind-the-times has allowed room for plenty of competition among software developers. Increased competition always drives down cost. Contractors can expect affordable digital solutions to beavailable even for a small firm with a tight budget.
  • Skeptical: Saying your old-school is just one way of saying you don’t trust unknown technologies and don’t like the complicated process of learning something new. By firmly digging in your heels and resisting change, you may be on the brink of perfect timing. Today’s apps are user-friendly. Whether you mouse, tap or voice-activate, the choice is yours.

“I’m a contractor, not a programmer, Captain!”

Thinking that technology is not suitable for a hands-on industry like construction is holding your company back. Digitization improves accuracy of calculations, vastly increases the speed with which estimates and revisions are managed, automation reduces paperwork complexity, and the list goes on and on and on. You may think that becoming reliant on the latest technology may re-shape the focus of your career, turning you into a technology geek. The opposite is actually true. Saving time on the tedious with sophisticated software and online tools designed for simplicity in use is what actually happens when a company goes digital. That creates more time to focus on what a construction professional loves and does best. And since these digital solutions are backed up by professional technical support, a contractor doesn’t have to moonlight as a software engineer. Have a problem or questions? Contact your software solutions experts and let them sort it out.

Don’t Get Left Behind

A recent study reports that companies within the industry are rapidly making the transition to greater productivity by adopting a variety of digital solutions. By 2020 it is expected that more than 70% of the nation’s contractors will have made their exit from the time warp. Get connected with a construction technology expert to find your modern productivity solution today and don’t get left behind on the wrong side of the wormhole.