Why use a whiteboard when you could have ControlBoard?

If you’ve worked in the construction industry for any time at all, you know that no matter how good your project planning might be, project schedules and jobs can change at the drop of a hat for reasons far beyond your control. Which means that making certain that the right people and the right equipment show up at the right place at the right time can be an ongoing, time-consuming challenge.

Most companies address that challenge with a big calendar on a whiteboard, a lot of writing and erasing, and a whole bunch of email updates. But now, there’s a better way.

ControlBoard LogoDesigned from the ground up to solve the problem of resource scheduling, tracking and dispatching in the commercial construction industry, ControlBoard picks up where project planning ends. Easy to use and easy to learn, ControlBoard mimics the look and feel of a whiteboard but is powered by an intelligent database engine that tracks every change and communicates updates to every user of the system in real-time.

ControlBoard, by Cognistics Corporation, can help you.

  • Manage and enhance the scheduling process
  • Allocate Resources
  • Track Equipment Locations
  • Manage the Dispatching Process
  • Track all changes
  • Avoid conflicts
  • Generate up-to-the-minute paper and electronic reports on equipment locations, crew schedules and much more

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