Technology and the construction industry are becoming increasingly enmeshed. New software, online platforms and apps are being used by professionals at the home office as well as crews in the field. Getting connected increases productivity, saves time, improves safety and makes collaboration efforts easier. Practically everyone on the job has access to a smartphone or tablet. That means apps are the latest innovation more people in the construction industry are turning to. Here are 7 of the most popular apps that can enhance operations for your firm:

1. Bid City

Data on projects can be accessed straight from a smartphone or tablet with this app. At the tap of a finger, find company details like contact information, scope of project and the identity of other bidders and participants. This map-based app makes it easy to select the next local project your company wants to bid on and know who the competition is. It’s a free download for Apple mobile technology products.

2. Construction Manager

Does paperwork drive you crazy? This is the app for you. With edit, save and sharing capabilities it is easy to manage business paperwork remotely and on the go. Users can create estimates for new construction or repair projects. It tracks job site processes with daily reports, maintenance logs and timesheets and features document sharing options. Listing of materials, labor or equipment a project is in need of is automated as it tracks project progress. It’s a great tool for calculating size of project areas that determine the quantity of necessary materials like concrete or paint. This app can be used on iPhone or Android mobile devices.

3. PlanGrid

This app is for collaboration between architects and contractors. It integrates plans, photos and specs. Once uploaded, files sync with all connected devices making the data available to all team members on-demand. The app tracks project progress and allows users to upload images, drawings and text files. For use in the field, users can expect to save valuable time with fast performance. With more than 500,000 users in the construction industry uploading more than 20 million blueprints and plans to the app, its reliability is unquestionable when used with iPhone or Android systems.

4. Fieldwire

This app, available for iPhone or Android devices, means a company can manage virtually every aspect of a project in the field. Office-bound managers can collaborate in real time with project managers who are on-site. This not only enhances the efficiency of job performance but makes problem-solving quicker. Whether it is keeping labor on task, managing paperwork, documenting progress with images, scheduling assignments, tracking labor and materials cost, this app does it all.

5. SafeSite

Apps available for iPhone and Android systems make it easy for project managers and crews to be proactive at making jobsites safer. When a hazard is recognized simply log on to the app, report the information and the responsible party is automatically notified that there is need for a safety solution. Inspection capabilities in the field are paperless. Inspections are more efficiently performed which saves money and time. If a company is looking to improve their safety record, this is a very useful tool that allows every employee to become involved.

6. Safe Meeting

An app that can make safety meetings more productive and less of a drag? Yes! There’s an app for that! Conduct, track and record, in accordance with OSHA requirements: safety meetings, accident and incident reports. The app creates attendance records regardless of how large or small a construction company is. Available for iPhone and Android systems, it’s easier to stay OSHA compliant.

7. JobFLEX

Estimators love this app. It can be used even when a Wi-Fi signal isn’t available. Create and edit materials’ lists, upload photos to share with estimates, customize formats for each bid, and print. When responding to a site, providing an estimate is immediate. To be more competitive securing projects, being able to satisfy a potential customer’s interest in an estimate on the spot increases opportunity to land the job.

More and more construction companies are improving their bottom line and becoming safer and more competitive with apps. Don’t get left behind! Consult with construction industry technology experts and find out which apps can help your firm grow and perform better.