Do you have projects lined up for the next couple of months? As a business owner, it’s easy to focus less on sales and marketing if you are currently busy with enough work. However, it’s important that you continue to market your construction company so you won’t experience a dry spell. Here are four sales and marketing tips you can use to increase your bottom-line.

1. Use Funnels to Generate Inbound Leads

You never know if your next lead will turn into a multi-million dollar construction project. The best way to improve your sales and marketing is to develop lead funnels to capture people’s contact information.

Funnels typically convert more people than a business website since it gently guides visitors to the information they need. You can ask for their personal information in exchange for something of value like a free report or special discount. Your company’s blog, social media accounts or Search Engine Optimization can bring in website traffic to your lead funnel. Although they may not want to sign a deal today, they may be open to doing business in the future. You can feature customer testimonials and pictures from previous jobs on your lead funnel page.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can really benefit your construction company when done correctly. Websites that are fully optimized and deemed relevant by Google or Yahoo will appear at the top of the search engine.

The following strategies will help your construction company climb to the top of the search engine results despite Google’s changing algorithms. It’s important to carefully select the keywords used on every page. You can do keyword research on to discover the most popular search terms. Search Engine Optimization experts recommend that you use the same keyword three to five times throughout each web page. You should also keep the title of your web pages short and under 70 characters so they don’t get cut off in the search engine. When you write a description for your website’s images under the alt tags section, include one or two keywords. Lastly, try to incorporate at least one keyword in your website’s meta description. Meta descriptions are the first thing website visitors read when it shows up in search engines.

3. Share Useful Content

Another way you can generate inbound leads is by creating and sharing useful content. Think about ways you can appeal to your target customers. Does your company specialize in doing construction work for commercial real estate firms? Create a free report they can download to get their attention.

Customers usually do extensive research before deciding to hire a construction firm. When you position your company as an expert in the field with valuable content and research, they are more likely to regard your company in high esteem.

4. Outsource Your Company’s Marketing to Someone Else

Let’s face it. As an entrepreneur you are probably more passionate about construction than how to craft the perfect Facebook ad. Sometimes the best decision to grow your company is to outsource your marketing to an agency or virtual assistant. You can also create a separate marketing department if you prefer to keep everything in-house. We recommend you only work with someone who is passionate about marketing and has experience in the construction industry. With their personal connections and marketing savvy, they can work on developing your company’s brand online and offline while you focus on your core business.

We hope some of these ideas will inspire you to rethink your current sales and marketing strategies. Sharing useful content, improving your website’s search engine optimization, outsourcing different marketing tasks and sales funnels can boost your company’s overall sales.