Your field service team spends most of their time on the front line with your customers where there is always an opportunity to build or break customer relationships. Happy customers become loyal customers which, in turn, results in profits. How do you create a field services experience that drives revenue and customer satisfaction?

Are you investing enough in field services?

In short, by investing in your field service team, you are investing in your company’s bottom line. It’s critical to empower your field service workers with the skills, tools and data they need to do their jobs and to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.

Luckily, in today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to improve field service performance through mobile communications. Using modern, integrated Field Service Management (FSM) solutions, CFO on the go can help you deliver the very best service implementing digital and mobile technologies.

To help you get started, we have written an eBook that outlines “The 15 Ways to Revitalize your Field Service Management in the Digital, Mobile World.” These 15 ideas will all help you achieve better customer service, tech productivity, and financial management. We summarize a few of the pointers below and invite you to read the full eBook for more detail.

Efficient, Accurate Customer Service

Today’s sophisticated consumers demand easy and fast communications. This means support for multi-channel options such as web, social, chat, and mobile. Customers want access to online scheduling and to know technician arrival times, reminders, and updates in advance. They also want safety information to help identify the field service worker and their vehicle.

Solution: Integrating your CRM system with field service management, accounting and other critical business areas gives employees all the data they need at their fingertips. That’s how you provide a seamless experience for your customer. When working well, this provides a strategic advantage for your team to up-sell and cross sell to meet additional client needs.

Productive Field Technicians

In order to solve problems as quickly as possible, field technicians need access to customer data such as history, warranties, and equipment details. They also need access to parts and inventory. It is vital that this data be up to date to reduce costly errors and wait time. Real-time job data, digital mapping, and service schedules are essential.

Solution: Mobile devices are key for both scheduling and for going paperless. Technicians can snap photos, take videos, or make notes. This electronic documentation ensures that all appropriate people are kept up to date and helps with faster and more accurate invoicing.

Accelerated Accounting

Your field service workers are the key to capturing service call data and customer signatures, expediting your ability to invoice and receive payment. Equipping them with these capabilities will help you get from quote to cash faster and with fewer errors. Once accounting is integrated with field service management, you can unlock the power of data to track and allocate revenue and costs. You can also achieve automated business processes, reporting and analysis to identify profitability of clients and technicians, and ensure full regulatory compliance.

How to Improve Field Services Management

At CFO on the go, we specialize in helping companies improve field services with mobile FSM tools and communications and integrated financial management systems. We can help you revitalize customer experiences while driving technician productivity and satisfaction. Check out our eBook for more information and contact us to schedule a personalized demonstration. We want to hear from you!